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The hard winds from yesterday has calmed down and the sun broke through the clods in Ishigaki today☆
We went for one dive in Osaki and one dive in Nagura on today’s Fun Dives^^

First out of today’s strange sea creatures are these small shrimps(≧▽≦) They can be found on many of the dive sites, the one below is a Squat Shrimp♪

This is a Bubble Coral Shrimp♪ I’ve never seen one this big before!

A Feather Star Shrimp♪ It is very well camouflaged sitting in this Feather Star, but I wonder what happens in if suddenly change to another host with different color (;・∀・)

The corals in Nagura bay are looking well! I feel so relaxed every time I see them (*^▽^*)

A young Ribbon Eel fiercely opened it’s mouth wide as we approached it, despite being very small, it tried it’s best to scare us off (;^ω^)

A Stonefish had dug itself down in the sand as they usually do, the stingers on it’s back are very dangerous but this one looks like it could bite too (>_<)

The Banded Sea Snakes are in mating season♡ The males are doing their best to keep catch one of the females!

Tomorrow is Ishigaki Marathon! Our diver from today will also run in it (≧▽≦) Cheering on everybody tomorrow!

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