Two Sleepy Green Turtles

The south wind was blowing gently and it was very hot in Ishigaki island today☆☆
In Osaki, the turtles were having a siesta at their usual place♪♪ Two of them were sleeping close by eachother\(^o^)/

We approached very slowly, but one of them got scared and swam away(;・∀・)

A big Stonefish was hiding in the crack of a rock!

Today’s beginner divers swam very wel♪We took a photo together with the Anemonefishes☆

Lots of Sea goldies were swimming in the shallows☆

A young Lionfish♪ Its long fins fluttered around with the current(*’ω’*)

We can often see this nudibranch around here

The wind keeps turning from north to south and back again… has the rainy season started already?

Quick Stop at Manta Point Before the Wind Turns!

Another day with clear morning sky♪The wind was already turning north this morning but was still week when we departed from Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
In the afternoon, the wind was blowing stronger and stronger so we moved over to Sakieda☆ But today we went diving at Yonehara and Manta point☆☆ However, the manta rays didn’t show up today(/ω\)

Lots of small fishes swimming over the corals in the big blue☆

Of course, we had to take photos with them♪♪

From tomorrow, we’ll be diving in Osaki and Nagura again☆ It’s been a while, I wonder what has changed since last time!

Selfie with Turtle

The south wind is strong and it was very hot in Ishigaki island today(;^ω^)
We went out with both fun divers and discover scuba divers to Yamabare and Manta point today☆ The Yamabare corals are growing up so beautiful♪♪

We also met a Green turtle☆ Discover scuba divers approached it slowly for a selfie(≧▽≦)

In the blue sea, the bright red Tomato anemonefish stands out☆

This Frost nudibranch we see quite often around here☆ Even seeing it often, it’s one of my favorites♪

Below, today’s discover scuba divers! You wouldn’t believe it was their very first dive, they swam so well☆ It’s too bad we didn’t get to show them the manta rays on the second dive(/ω\)

The wind will change to north again tomorrow, I hope it will not be too strong as we move the boat around(;^ω^)

Diving for the Whole Family

A clear sunny day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Just a little bit hot without any wind(;・∀・)
Today we went out for both fun and discover scuba dives with one dive enthusiastic family☆☆
Both kids had been diving before so it was very relaxed(^O^) The older brother already has his certificate♪♪

After the first dive at Yonehara we headed to Manta point! Today we saw four Manta rays circling the cleaning station☆☆ We had to wait almost 25min for them to appear but finally they showed up \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

It’s too bad the photos turned out so dark(-_-メ)

We also went to see the turtles(≧▽≦) This big individual had squeezed itself under a rock♪

A smaller turtle was sleeping on top of the reef(;^ω^)

We met many different animals today♪And we also got to see many corals☆

Off for fun dives tomorrow again♪Looking forward to it☆

Discover S​cuba Dives with Manta Rays

Another summery warm day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We went out with two discover scuba divers today☆☆ They had dived before so they were quite comfortable underwater(`・ω・´)

The deep blue dotted with colorful fishes♪

A Lionfish☆

Second dive at manta scramble☆ Just after descending we saw a manta swim under the boat\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ We also saw one circling the cleaning station(/・ω・)/

I’m happy we got some good dives(≧▽≦)

I hope this good weather will continue♪ Tomorrow, we’ll have a scuba diving family onboard☆