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The wind has turned around and today it blew strongly from the north over Ishigaki island. Sometimes rain, but also sun and we had two relaxing dives in Osaki area (≧∀≦) Underwater the seascape was peaceful and calming☆

A little anemone in the middle of the sand♪ The anemone fishes were swaying back and forth with the wave motion σ(^_^;)

Garden eels♪ It was raining above so it almost looks like we were night diving ・・・(・●・)

A golden yellow leafy scorpionfish(≧∀≦) Another one in the same bright color was nearby♡ Every year I can find a scorpionfish around this spot but the color also change every year (^◇^;)

An orange stripe shrimp goby♪

The weather is supposed to be a bit vetter tomorrow, I hope we’ll see a lot more sun (^_^;)