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Typhoon Hagibis did a lot of damage when making landfall on the mainland, I pray that they can repair the homes before winter comes.
Ishigaki island was safe this time but the north wind seems to be sticking around(>_<) Luckily, we can depart from Sakieda beach and had some great dives today☆ The corals at dive site are so pretty(*^▽^*) There are many different speicies thriwing here!

This Crocodile fish has been hanging around the same area for quite a while now(;^ω^)

A big Ornate pipefish♪♪

It was very long and had an almost transparent mouth(;^ω^)

We also met a Green turtle today☆ It was having a sound nap!

Tomorrow, the wind will be very strong(;´・ω・) And it will rain(/ω\) According to the weather forecast at least…

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  • Gregg says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day. It is no wonder that you decided to settle here years ago. I have snorkeled all through Asia and have always found something to admire. Your photos are magnificent and I hope to be able to get up close and personal snorkeling your Reefs.

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