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It’s been a while since I updated the blog(/ω\) The north wind has picked up in Ishigaki.

Yesterday and today we did the advanced open water course♪♪ We only had one student so we could take it slow and go through everything at our own pace☆

Even when we do courses, we still have time to see many different kings of marine life(≧▽≦)
This is a picture from the navigation dive with compass♪♪ After a short struggle with the compass, our student managed the dive\(^o^)/

We also went out to Manta point, but no mantas there(/ω\) However, the landscape of the site is really interesting and we had a good time exploring it☆

Lots of healthy corals grow in the shallow areas♪ This place is always so beautiful

A soft coral was growing on the clam, but as the coral is getting bigger and bigger… I wonder if it will be hard for the clam to open it’s shell? (;・∀・)

A stone fish had buried deep into the sand, waiting for it’s pray… or maybe just taking an afternoon nap(;^ω^)

In a deeper part of the reef on a rock was a bunch of Durban dancing shrimps(/・ω・)/ As the name implies, they look like they do a litte dance as they move♪♪

This Leafy scorpionfish sat on top of a rock, not camouflaged at all (;・∀・)

In an Anemone, there were lots of tiny baby Anemone Clownfishes♪♪ However, somewhat less compared to my last dive here (T_T)

We also saw many Nudibranchs\(^o^)/

Golden Week will start soon! Looking forward to lots of new meetings☆☆

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