Finishing the advanced course and Fun Dives

Great weather in Ishigaki island today♪The wind has changed to the east but the waves are still high so we went diving in beautiful Osaki and Nagura Bay(≧∀≦) We finished the advanced open water course and went for fun dives☆

The corals were beautiful as always and lots of small fishes swam in and out of them♡

Green turtles in Osaki♪♪ Those two were sleeping head to buttσ(^_^;)

We also saw this crocodile fish(・Д・)

And some cleaner shrimps waiting for new fishy customers to show up♪

Today we’re off for fun dives! …of course, the wind is turning north again( ̄◇ ̄;)

Advanced course start

Nice weather but a little bit windy in Ishigaki island today(^_^;)
Today we had fun dives in the morning and started an advanced open water diver course in the afternoon♪
Below, magical coral garden in Nagura bay(*^▽^*)

The visibility in Osaki was better than expected! Perfect for wall diving☆

Of course, we also did lots of practice on the advanced course*\(^o^)/*
Compass navigation dive, check!♪

A Lionfish in the shallows! It was hovering above the corals and came into perfect light( ´ ▽ ` )

A spotted garden eel poking its head up above the sand♪♪

A flounder was hiding in the sand, or at least it was hidden until it movedσ(^_^;)

A stonefish♪ Only the eyes and mouth sticking up from the sand♪

We saw a pair of robust ghost pipefish too, they are really hard to capture on photo.

An anemone shrimp☆

We also saw this very big Japanese mantis shrimp(*^▽^*) It had dug a big hole for itself and didn’t move at all as we approached.

Looking forward to diving again tomorrow♪

Advanced course finished

A mirror of an ocean♪A small typhoon has formed to the south but there’s no sign of it in Ishigaki island today (≧▽≦)

Compass navigation practice♪♪
We got back to where we started☆

After practice, we swam around the corals♪ so many small fishes around this big bommie♪ Time passed to quickly (;^ω^)

At the shallow area the sea goldies and their friends gather♪ Vivid red, orange, blue and yellow♪♪

A tiny arrow shrimp carrying eggs.

We also found this nudibranch, the speicies is common around the area but it’s been a while since I saw one♪

I hope the typhoon won’t grow any stronger. Anyway, we’re off diving for tomorrow (;´・ω・)

Advanced course & snorkeling

Flat sea today☆ If it wasn’t for covid-19 it would be a perfect day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We started an advanced open water diver course today♪♪ and we also had one snorkeler onboard♪

Two good friends! One diver, one snorkeler\(^o^)/ We went out to Yonehara, Manta point and Yamabare.

Snorkeling among the corals and all the small fishes glittering under the sunlight(・ω・ノ)ノ

The water temperature has gone a bit after the last typhoon passed, but the summer isn’t over yet(`・ω・´) right now it looks like another low pressure in the south might turn into a typhoon… (;´・ω・)

A green sea turtle♡ We saw it very well from above when snorkeling☆☆

And underwater we got even closer! After coming up for air, the turtle went straight back to the same spot to continue the afternoon nap(;・∀・)

An anemone fish directing the traffic but they pointed to the deep area so I decided to ignore them(゚Д゚;)

An anemone shrimp in it’s anemone☆

Tomorrow we’ll do the second and last day of the advanced open water course♪Looking forward to it (≧▽≦)

End of course and Fun Dives

A few rain showers but mostly sunny sky in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Our divers from yesterday finished their Advanced course and we had some certified divers on the boat too♪

Unfortunatley, no luck at manta point today either(;´・ω・) But there are soo many beautiful corals but I wish we could get a manta swimming above to complete the scenery (;・∀・)

At Yamabare, we met the green sea turtles. It was rubbing it’s shell vigorously (;^ω^)

A flowy nudibranch, we can se lots of them at this dive site now♪♪

An anemone shrimp♡ I like them even better than the anemonefishes (*^▽^*)

The visibility was pretty decent but not on top today, I hope it will get a bit better. Tomorrow, I get a day off! So I guess I’ll be cleaning around the shop (^-^;