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The typhoon passed far off Ishigaki but it still managed to stir up the ocean around Ishigaki islandΣ(‘◉⌓◉’) We went diving in calm Osaki and Nagura area⭐︎ The water temperature is still 24° I hope it will go up a few degrees more σ(^_^;) Today, we did advanced open water diver course and fun dives♪

The visibility was only 15-20m in Osaki! But it was much better in Nagura (≧∀≦) The green sea turtles were relaxing on top of the reef(*^▽^*)

Deep dive for the advanced course! A little difficulty with equalizing but otherwise a smooth dive.

Amazing corals♡ in Nagura bay(*^▽^*) So many colors and shapes♪

A bubble coral shrimp♪

A nudibranch♡ Look at the frill on its skirt!

We’ll continue the advanced course tomorrow, looking forward to diving!