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The swell was higher than expected around Kabira area but the weather was fantastic as we drove out of the bay ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
A fun diver and advanced open water course student☆

We saw two manta rays at manta point today(*´꒳`*) They didn’t stay for long but swam very close to us♪

I saw a manta ray! It was a real struggle to equalize but managed to dive safely☆

Of course, the advaced open water course also include some skill practise! Navigation dive with compass \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و //// It went very well despite the mild current♪

A squid baby the sice of a grain of rice♡ It hid quickly into the sand σ(^_^;)

We also saw a ornate ghost pipefish☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

And some nudibranch✨

A big crocodile fish! It’s big, but you might not notice it until you come close Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

Yonehara coral garden♪♪

The wind really decides the dive sites around this season, but it looks like we can go to this area for a few more days!