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The rain from yesterday has passed and today we departed under a sunny sky from Kabira beach(≧▽≦) We got two divers doing their advanced certification course this weekend☆☆

Compass navigation♪♪

We also went out to manta point, but no luck this time(/ω\) I hope we can see them tomorrow(;^ω^) At least the corals and fish schools aren’t going anywhere soon♡

Where did their house go?! (;´・ω・) These clown anemone fishes were desperatly searching for their anemone that was here before (゚Д゚;) I wonder where it went.

This lazy leafy clownfish wasn’t moving at all (;・∀・) It had quite a bit mucus, probably from a parrot fish sleeping bag, on it but didn’t seem to care at all.

Tomorrow we’ll have certified two new advanced open water divers \(^o^)/

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