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Nice weather but a little bit windy in Ishigaki island today(^_^;)
Today we had fun dives in the morning and started an advanced open water diver course in the afternoon♪
Below, magical coral garden in Nagura bay(*^▽^*)

The visibility in Osaki was better than expected! Perfect for wall diving☆

Of course, we also did lots of practice on the advanced course*\(^o^)/*
Compass navigation dive, check!♪

A Lionfish in the shallows! It was hovering above the corals and came into perfect light( ´ ▽ ` )

A spotted garden eel poking its head up above the sand♪♪

A flounder was hiding in the sand, or at least it was hidden until it movedσ(^_^;)

A stonefish♪ Only the eyes and mouth sticking up from the sand♪

We saw a pair of robust ghost pipefish too, they are really hard to capture on photo.

An anemone shrimp☆

We also saw this very big Japanese mantis shrimp(*^▽^*) It had dug a big hole for itself and didn’t move at all as we approached.

Looking forward to diving again tomorrow♪