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Compared to yesterday, there was much less wind in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Another boat saw dolphins in Osaki area! And they snorkeled with them!(>_<) We were so close but missed them(;´・ω・) Well, the corals were pretty I guess(;・∀・)

Lots of Sea turtles on the dive too(≧▽≦) But no dolphins…

Another turtle was sleeping nearby, not many divers in the water today so I guess it could relax better(;^ω^) I wish there was dolphins too…

This Stonefish was sitting in the same spot as yesterday☆

A Nudibranch☆☆

It’s too bad we missed the dolphins, but the diving was good(≧▽≦) Tomorrow we’re doing some maintenance at the shop(;・∀・)