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The weather is excellent, but I feel like the wind is getting colder day by day(;・∀・)
Lots of different animals on today’s dives, healing smiles from the ocean(≧▽≦)

We went for two dives in Osaki and one in Nagura area! So relaxing☆
The corals were looking well♪♪ I feel it’s enough if I can just look at all the small fishes swimming in and out of them(`・ω・´)

A Leafy scorpionfish♪ It’s been a while since I saw one, it wasn’t in a good hiding spot so it will probably move soon(;´・ω・)

A very, big and long pipefish (I think)♪ Around 20cm(;・∀・)

We also saw a Robust ghost pipefish☆

Everybody’s favorite clown anemone fish♪ Its become very famous since the movie(;^ω^)

In both Osaki and Nagura we can see schools of Longfin batfish♪

During the surface interval we met these wonderful dolphins☆☆
They swam elegantly and playfully in the water(^O^) We didn’t go in the water but I took this picture by sticking the camera below the surface ^_^

A teeny tiny Nudibranch☆

A Dragon shrimp☆

And a Whip coral shrimp♪

And a Bubble coral shrimp☆

Tomorrow we’re off diving again☆

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