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This morning it was rainy again but the sun soon came out♪♪ Moreover, it was 27°C (!!!) in Ishigaki today. Is it really winter? So warm☆
We went to look for turtles in Osaki! Today, we saw three Green turtles there\(^o^)/ Their usual resting place was empty when I went and looked, but soon two Green turtles came swimming after each other(;・∀・)

The big turtle couldn’t fit into a popular resting place between the rocks, so he got angry?! Looks like it(;・∀・)

After giving the smaller turtle an angry look, the bigger turtle swam away. Upset turtles can look a bit scary(;´・ω・)

After all the turtle drama, we went to see the Giant cuttlefishes☆ The visibility wasn’t the best but we could see the cuttlefishes clearly(≧▽≦) They only think about laying eggs right now(;^ω^)

We found a Pipehorse on the sandy bottom☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪

We also saw lots of Banded seasnakes☆ This small one looks kind of cute(*’ω’*)

It looks like there will be some rainy days ahead according to the forecast, but the temperature will still be warm☆

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