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A gentle north wind blew over Ishigaki island and Sakieda bay today(≧▽≦)
We went out for fun dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay♪♪
In Osaki, we met this big Green turtle who was having an afternoon nap(^O^)

As we were looking for turtles, a big Manta ray suddenly swam by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/Lucky☆☆
But it was so quick I didn’t have time to white balance(/ω\)

We also saw lots of corals☆ There are a lot of different kinds around Nagura(;^ω^) The famous Blue corals are growing up fast♪

The below one is commonly called “Cabbage coral”(;・∀・)

The Staghorn corals are also looking well(≧▽≦)

We saw lots of other fishes too♪♪ This Pipehorse was standing straight up from the sand☆

Under a rock this Lion fish was having a rest. Below, a Scorpion fish.

We also found couple of nudibranch and a flatworm♪♪

The wind will turn to south tomorrow(;´・ω・) I guess we’re off to Kabira bay☆

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