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The rain fell heavy over Ishigaki island this morning and the wind came from the north… luckily the rain stopped and the sea was calm as we departed from the beach✨
The visibility in Osaki and Nagura is so good♪♪

Look at that happy sleepy face of the sea turtle, they are very relaxed✨✨

Below, a bit nudibranch♪

We also found a little white-tip reefshark hiding under the corals♪ It didn’t move at all but it was hard to get a photo σ(^_^;)

Below, a stonefish buried in the sand✨

We also saw another one that was out and about!

A big lionfish also went for a swim, I think they are cuter when they are small Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

The corals in Nagura were also doing well✨

Looking forward to next dives♪♪