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We are in the middle of December and winter is steadily coming to Ishigaki island☆
Today we went to Osaki and Nagura area for 3 fun dives♪♪ Both areas have slightly different corals, both equally beautiful(≧▽≦)
Now, it’s time for the corals that survived the summer heat to heal and recover☆

We saw so many Garden eels on the first dive. Slowly, slowly we approached them with our cameras♪

A neon red Tomato anemonefish(*^▽^*)

A Banded sea snake also showed up to get his portrait☆
I wanted to get a picture of it with the tongue out… but it’s so hard(;・∀・)

A Bubble coral shrimp was hiding, as usual, in a Bubble coral.

We also saw many different kinds of Nudibranches♪♪ I think the big one on top must have been munched on by fishes, I wonder if it can heal (;´・ω・)

Today, we found lots of different marine life. It was a fun day for both us and our divers☆☆

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