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The wind has been turning round and round but, finally, it seems to have settled for one direction over Ishigaki island☆
Today, we went diving in Nagura bay and Osaki area(≧▽≦) The visibility was much better compared to yesterday☆ Lots of small fishes dashed in and out of the corals(*’ω’*)

A big Giant cuttlefish♪♪ It was chasing the other cuttlefishes around (;・∀)

A Luna lionfish was spreading its fins wide in the shallow part of the reef☆☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪♪ This big individual has found a good spot to live in\(^o^)/

A Nudibranch squeezing its face(?) together(;^ω^)

It will be north wind tomorrow again♪♪ Looking forward to more dives☆

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