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We departed from Sakieda, Ishigaki, in strong south wind((+_+)) There was a bit of swell in Osaki but the visibility was goodす(≧▽≦)
Today, we went out with both Discover scuba divers and certified divers☆ The waves rocked us a bit underwater as well but the corals and fishes made it easy to forget♪

Today’s discover scuba diver♪ Very relaxed and a good swimmer\(^o^)/ Looked like he had a good time on the reef☆

We went looking for the Giant cuttlefishes too☆ There wasn’t many other boats around today so a lot of them had gathered(^O^)

An angry cuttlefish was chasing after another male(;・∀・)

Around here we often also see seasnakes, this one was making a fancy shape while swimming(≧▽≦)

We also saw several Nudibranches♪♪

From tomorrow, the wind will change again(;^ω^) Looking forward to more dives☆

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