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Today we did Discover Scuba Diving in Kabira area♪♪

First, we went through all the basics of diving on the boat and got familiar with the equipment(^O^)

Underwater, our diver surprised me by how smoothly he swam♪ I almost didn’t believe it was his first time(;^ω^) So I took him over the coral garden area like we usually do with our certified divers(≧▽≦)

We took many pictures with the Clown Anemone fishes, there’s so much to see in Yonehara♪

Usually, it’s hard to show small things like Squat shrimps to beginner divers but today I only had one diver to take care of and he swam very well☆☆ So I could show him my one of my favorite shrimps☆☆☆
I think he liked it too(/・ω・)/

Sea Goldies swam in small happy schools above one of the rocks♪♪ They will get more and more from now on and the reef will get more and more beautiful(^O^)

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any Mantas at Manta point today, but we had a lot of fun and saw many other things so all in all it was a good day(*^▽^*)
The north wind is coming again(/ω\) We are still not out of winter season it seems…

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