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The swell has gone down and we’re having a rainy season without much rain in Ishigaki☆

However, we didn’t see any Mantas today either(/ω\) I wonder where they are(;´・ω・) I wish for them to come back soon♪♪

Today’s discover scuba divers had experience from before and were very comfortable underwater☆ They could even float over our coral garden by themselves(≧▽≦)

We saw our popular Clown Anemonefishes and many other kinds of anemone fishes too as we dived today☆

Of course, we took lots of pictures underwater☆

The coral field of Yonehara\(^o^)/ Lots of sea goldies swam around in small schools♪

Tomorrow we have a boat full of fun divers, looking forward to a good day of diving(^O^)

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