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The weather is not the best… Today we had heavy rain and sometimes we could hear thunder over Ishigaki island(;・∀・)

We departed from Kabira bay, luckily the wind and wave don’t bother us much in this part of the island(≧▽≦)
First dives in Yamabare! Let’s go and meet the turltes☆☆

Both divers descended smoothly♪♪

Amazing corals♪ They are growing surprisingly fast!

On a shallow part of the reef this Green turtle was relaxing \(^o^)/

In the deeper parts of the site there were many Ghost pipefish (^O^) Today I saw as many as five of them♪

On the sandy bottom, looking like a bit of seaweed…I think it is some kind of Pipehorse(;^ω^)

Close to them I found this skillfully camoflaged Spider crab♪

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba and fund dives♪ It will probably rain but I’m looking forward to diving☆

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