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The north wind has picked up speed again, I can feel winter approaching Ishigaki island. We went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura today\(^o^)/Of course, we met the green sea turtles!

The visibility wasn’t the best in Osaki, it would have looked better with the sun out(;^ω^)

A ghost pipefish hiding♡ Can you spot the second tiny one just below? I hope they will stay in this spot☆

We also saw this pair of robust ghost pipefishes♪

Corals in Nagura bay☆

A scorpionfish♪I love their strange eyes (*^▽^*)

A flounder rested on the sandy bottom♪

A nudibranch♪

I hope the sun will come out more often tomorrow. Looking forward to dive! (≧▽≦)