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A cool north wind blows over Ishigaki island☆

Today we departed from Sakieda beach♪♪ No matter the dive site, we can always find so many different marine animals here(≧▽≦)
A Stonefish had buried itself into the sand♪ This is still a small individual and it’s hiding very well(;・∀・)

This Scorpionfish doesn’t hide under the sand but the color alone is more than enough camouflage♪♪

We got to see a Nudibranch in the middle of laying its eggs\(^o^)/

A school of Batfishes were hanging out at their usual place, they don’t seem to move much(;^ω^)

Mr. Popular! A Clownfish, of course! It was making a silly face today again(`・ω・´)

The colorful and lively coral reefs☆

We saw lots of sleepy Green turtles today(≧▽≦) There was a bit swell underwater too so many turtles had squeezed themselves firmly under a rock(;^ω^)

The wind is supposed to calm down again from tomorrow afternoon☆

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