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The rain fell heavily over Ishigaki island this morning(;´・ω・)
The wind blew from south, not ideal conditions for diving around Sakieda ((+_+)) So we went to the south side of Nagura bay to find some shelter☆ Once underwater everything was calm and relaxed again(≧▽≦)

This was another day with many fun encounters\(^o^)/
Below, a juvenile Batfish♪♪

We also saw lots of Lionfishes♪

And this baby Crocodilefish♪

There are lots of Banded pipefishes in Nagura now♪

A tiny Octopus had hidden itself in a hole. It changed colors in a spectacular way, it made it easy to spot(;・∀・)

A Glass goby with bloodshot eyes♪

Today, we also met five Giant cuttlefishes♪♪ They’ve been hanging out in the same place mating for a long time. Lately, every dive there I keep thinking it will be the last time we see them there for this year(;^ω^)

A little Squatshrimp shaking its tiny tail☆

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Bubble coral shrimp♪ This one was all by itself(;´・ω・)

Of course, we also saw Nudibranchs♪ This one was very, very tiny(^O^)

A Nudibranch with vivid blue lines♪

And a flatworm with similar coloring☆

Looking forward to diving in a bit calmer conditions tomorrow(;^ω^)

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