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A gentle east wind over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Early this morning, the rain fell heavily over the island but, as we made our way to the first dive site, the sky turned blue♪ So many healthy corals in Nagura bay♪ I forget all my troubles when I dive here (*’ω’*)

In Osaki, a turtle squeezed itself in between the corals(;・∀・) It looks very proud, doesn’t it? I wish I could tell it to stop breaking the corals (; ・`д・´)

A school of Sea goldies♪♪

This Dragon shrimp has found its branch☆ Just where I found it the last time, there dosen’t seem to be that many of them around at other places.

A tiny crab♪

A squat shrimp☆ Look at that tiny tail☆☆

More fun dives in Ishigaki tomorrow♪

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