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The wind has finally calmed down a bit in Ishigaki☆
… and the water temperature has gone down quite a bit to 25°C((+_+))

Today we went diving at Batfish Paradise and Loco Rock☆☆ It seems like the Batfishes were scattered after the typhoon because we could see them in lots of different places(≧▽≦)

We also saw lots of Banded pipefish, I hope they will stay all winter season(^ω^)

A coral forest♪♪ Lots of new small corals are also coming up here and there♪ I can’t wait for them to grow up\(^o^)/

We also saw Luna lionfishes, Spotfin lionfishes and Common Lionfishes in different sizes – from a big oldie to a small black juvenile (;^ω^)

…and of course a shrimp(≧▽≦) Really like this dive site☆

We’ll go for more fun dives tomorrow♪♪

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