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Today we went out with two Fun Divers♪
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Lionfish castle! This dive point is a bit deep, but there are always so many Lionfishes around one of the rock formations here(≧▽≦) But, today we only saw one! Where have they gone (/ω\)

Lots of Durban dancing shrimps were hiding in a rock crack☆☆

Found this magnificent Peacock mantis shrimp too, it quickly ran and hid inside a whole(;^ω^)
Be careful to not get punched by this one!

In a shallower area, we finally found a Lionfish. It has a sullen look from the front(;^ω^)

I wonder if the Lionfishes will come back… we’ll go and have another look some other day☆☆

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