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Today we had a gentle breeze blowing in Ishigaki island♪♪

We went to Osaki area for two fun dives(≧▽≦) We quickly found a colorful Nudibranch right after the descent, I switched on the camera… “Card Error” it said (;´・ω・)

We found Robust Ghost Pipefish too!
“Card Error” the camera said… (/ω\)

It’s not only the dive equipment that needs a final check, the camera too! Let’s try to remember it together (;^ω^)

Luckily, after I took the card out and put it in again the camera was working for our second dive(≧▽≦)
We found a tiny juvenile Ribbon eel and this time I got a picture of it!

We also went to see the Leafy Scorpionfish that was still sitting in the same place as last time I saw it☆☆ It must really like it there…

Of course, we saw lots of corals too☆ and some Cuttlefish, but they were a bit shy to be in the picture (´・ω・)

Close-up picture of a Nudibranch♪♪♪

The warm weather is going to continue tomorrow(≧▽≦)

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