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We did another day of diving in Osaki area♪♪ Today’s divers had been to Ishigaki about two and a half years ago and decided to come back for more fun(≧▽≦)

It’s been a long time since I saw the Black-ray shrimp goby and the White ray shrimp goby(2nd picture)☆

There are lots of them around this year(^ω^) Or maybe they are making nest in places that are easily found, either way, I’m happy to see them☆

At anthias reef, we enjoyed swimming around the corals and all the small reef fishes then, suddenly, a White-mouth moray poked its head out of a whole.

There are also lots of garden eels around this year, I’m happy because they are popular among divers and now there’s a better chance of seeing them\(^o^)/

The finger corals are growing longer and longer, looking like a large ball♪♪

Our divers said they usually go diving once a year, thank you for coming with us this time!
Please, come see us more often☆ Next time I hope we can show you the Manta rays(”ω”)ノ


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