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The sun came out from the clouds over Ishigaki island today・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ It was a good day for fun diving as the wind calmed down too☆ We saw lots of sea green sea turtles(≧∇≦)

This turtle didn’t seem very comfortable, I’m sure there are better places to nap σ(^_^;)

A squat shrimp♪ We see them quite often (*^▽^*)

An anemone partner shrimp♪

Between the rocks, a leafy scorpionfish was spying on a school of glass fishes σ(^_^;)

This lionfish was also swimming close to a school of small fry.

The corals were looking well♪So grateful that we got them just a short boat ride away♡

December is almost here and it looks like the end of this month will be windy! Still, looking forward to more dives!