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It’s been a long time since we posted last! But now we are back from winter vacation and the homepage is up and running again after some technical problems♪♪

Ishigaki is getting warmer every day and we had 26°C air temperature as we departed for Discover Scuba Dives (≧▽≦) We did both dives in beautiful Yonehara today☆

Our divers had been scuba before, so we descended swiftly underwater♪♪

The Sea Goldies and Peach Anthias swam in schools above the rocks♪ They really gleam as the light hits them(^O^)

The corals of Yonehara were looking good as always\(^o^)/ So many small fishes dashed in and out of the reef! This is truly a place to heal a tired mind☆☆

Look how our dives swam today! One could think they had a license(;^ω^)
Let’s go for the license next time♪♪

In another two, three days the wind will turn north again so we’ll need to move the boat back to Sakieda(;´・ω・)

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