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The wind blew gently and the sea was calm around Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We’re just back after our winter holidays and full of energy! Sadly, both flights and travel plans have been canceled for many because of the coronavirus and the island is pretty quiet even for low season (>_<)
But today we went diving in Osaki and Nagura♪♪ Beautiful corals!

In Osaki, we met a green sea turtle that was so busy eating that it didn’t see us at all (;^ω^)

We also saw giant cuttlefishes\(^o^)/

This scorpionfish was hiding under a rock♪It was looking back at us with big eyes (*’ω’*)

We also saw some cute shrimps☆ Below, a squat shrimp.

And this is an anemone shrimp.

Also found some bubble coral shrimps☆

I hope the virus will get under control soon. This is too sad for so many people that get sick or have their travel plans destroyed (-_-メ)
For now, we’ll bring the boat up for regular maintenance next week and, with a bit of luck, the weather will be good!