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Today, we opened up the dive shop again after the winter holidays♪ Looking forward to another year!
The weather hasn’t been that good lately, yesterday we had a sudden burst of sun but today the rain was back again on Ishigaki island.

We went out for 2 fun dives in Nagura bay! Found lots of animals(≧▽≦)
It was a long time since I visited Batfish paradise, however, not a single Batfish was there(/ω\) But we found lots of other interesting animals☆ Like this Nudibranch couple(*^▽^*)

There were also many Banded pipefishes♪♪ This individual was unusually big☆

And this little Nudibranch was about 5mm(;^ω^)

For second dive we enjoyed a shallower site with lots of corals

The Giant cuttlefishes here are mating earlier than in Osaki area\(^o^)/
Today, we saw 6 of them, some were spawning and other ones were looking for a mate(*^▽^*)

I usually go look for this Bubble coral shrimp on this site, the little fellow is looking well(≧▽≦) I also saw his mate that must have been hiding for some time☆ I’m happy they are two♪

On a big Anemone, some very shy Clown anemonefishes are living and they gotten company by a lot of Anemone shrimps! There was so many of them it seemed a bit crowded(;・∀・)

A Sole♪ It flapped around and tried to hide in the sand but it’s body was too big and it didn’t get covered at all (/ω\)

We also saw many other things! Like a whitetip reef shark, but it was hiding too far under a rock to take a picture(;^ω^) Tomorrow, we’re off for fun dives in Osaki area♪♪

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