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The ocean is once again calm around Ishigaki island☆

Today we departed from Sakieda and dived in Osaki and Manta point♪♪

This Green turtle was soundly asleep(;・∀・) Adorable☆

Eyes firmly shut(≧▽≦) We met two of them in Osaki today☆

Of course, we also saw the Clown Anemone fishes!

For second dive, we went to Manta city! We only had to wait five minutes for a manta to arrive\(^o^)/
A Turtle went up for air and then came back to steal the show(;^ω^) So I got this picture with the 2 of them together☆

It was circling round and round slowly, until it sped away quickly! Maybe a cleaner fish bit the wrong place(;´・ω・) I’m glad we got to see the Manta today!

Tomorrow, we’re departing from Kabira! I hope there won’t be too much swell…(;・∀・)

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