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Summer is not over yet (≧▽≦) The Ocean was flat like a mirror as we departed from Kabira beach☆

The visibility was also on top today♪♪ Look at all these corals growing up!(*´▽`*)

With the swell gone, the turtles are back too☆ Another dive shop’s customer got a bit too excited and scared this one away(;^ω^) I’m happy my diver got to see another sea turtle more closley earlier in the dive\(^o^)/

We also saw many other critters☆ Like this young Lionfish☆

A frost nudibranch! I wonder what it’s trying to do(;・∀・)

Nudibranch on the sand☆

Free floating nudibranch♪

I hope we can keep this visibility for a long time(*^▽^*)

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