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The water temperature has gone down to 20°C, it’s truly mid-winter in Ishigaki! Today we went for three Fun Dives in Osaki and Nagura area♪♪ and swam over lots of beautiful corals(≧▽≦)

We also found many interesting marine animals in the sandy bottom area; Garden Eels, White-Ray Shrimp Gobies, Black-Ray Shrimp Gobies, and Robust Ghost Pipefish♪

Everyone’s favorite Pikachu♪ This Nudibranch we don’t see that often(^O^)

Hidden inside a coral I found a Mandarinfish. They hide daytime and come out at sunset so, usually, it’s really hard to get a picture during the day(;´・ω・)

Portrait of one angry looking stonefish spreading its gills and pectoral fin to scare off attackers(;・∀・)

For the last 3 pictures, I was playing with the camera in microscope mode☆A Frost nudibranch close-up♪

A Bubble Coral Shrimp

Coral close-up♪

Today was a fun day with beautiful underwater scenery and many interesting encounters! I just wish it was a bit warmer(;^ω^)

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