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The wind has calmed down and, even though we just entered rainy season, Ishigaki island is warm and sunny☆

Today we departed from Sakieda for fun dives and drove over to Kabira bay(≧▽≦) On the first dive we got to meet a Green turtle, a good start on the day\(^o^)/

For second dive we went to Manta point but no mantas(/ω\) However, we didn’t give up and after lunch we gave it one more try☆ A Manta was circling round and round the cleaning station☆☆ I wish we could’ve gotten a bit closer to it but this Manta wasn’t interested in divers(;^ω^)

Of course, we also got to see many other marine animals♪♪ Like the very popular Clown anemonefishes♪ They do look very cute(^O^)

Two Stonefish were hiding inside a whole! They are really squeezing together(;・∀・)

A lot of Anemone partner shrimps had gathered in one place, they shook back and forth as they moved. Like in a dance♪♪

This Pipehorse has been staying in the same spot for a long time, and I usually pass by here so can’t help but look for it(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’ll be off for discover scuba dives and fun dives in Kabira area☆

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