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The wind calmed down in Ishigaki island(`・ω・´) and the temperature is up too☆☆

Today, we went departed for fun dives from Nagura beach♪♪ The visibility had gone down somewhat, but we still had a good 15m(^O^)

Schools of Sea Goldies!! They always put a smile on my face(≧▽≦)

The Ornate ghost pipefish I found the other day♪♪ It’s still hanging around the same area(;・∀・)
This spot is really abundant with marine life☆

A Green turtle was resting under a rock ledge☆ This turtle’s shell is a real beauty\(^o^)/

Since the waves and swell has gone down, we could go out to Manta point today. I say gone down, but it was actually a quite rough drive there(;´・ω・) However, it was well worth the effort♪ as we met this majestic manta☆☆ It swam really close to us☆

Of course, we also saw many other critters(*^▽^*) Like this Nudibranch♪

I hope the swell is down by tomorrow, it would be nice with a less rocky ride(;^ω^)

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