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It was a bit overcast this morning but by noon the sky was clear over Ishigaki island☆

Today we went out for 3 dives☆ First we went to a deeper dive site that had lots of Lionfish in the past, however, last year they disappeared… would they be there today?
Unfortunately, not a single one(/ω\) But we did see a big school of Trevally\(^o^)/ Also, lots of shrimps(`・ω・´)
Below, a Skunk shrimp☆

A Durban dancing shrimp☆ They look like a little dance troupe when they walk in a group(≧▽≦)

A Cleaner shrimp☆ They were working very diligently to clean the fish(;^ω^)

On the edge of an Anemone, a Porcelain anemone crab♪

This fellow was mimicking a whip coral♪♪

In the shallow area, we did find a Lionfish(^O^) I wonder where the big school went…(;・∀・)

The Green turtles were chillaxing as usual☆ I’m so grateful they like to hang out at this site in Osaki where we can go an meet them(*’ω’*)

A Ribbon eel

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish!

Of course, we enjoyed the corals too\(^o^)/Looking well♪♪

Tomorrow we’re off diving again♪ Looking forward to it!

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