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Even though it’s already April, we had maximum 21°C in Ishigaki today. Cold!

We went out to Osaki with fun divers and discover scuba divers(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba divers were a bit scared at first, but once underwater we had a good dive☆ They had their own camera and took lots of pictures♪ The Giant Cuttlefishes were in good health this day too(/・ω・)/

This big male cuttlefish looked eager☆ He changed colors as he approached to intimidate his rivals(;^ω^)

A school of Cornetfishes had stopped to get themselves a good clean♪ Many divers like them♪♪

On top of the corals, schools of small Sea Goldies swam around♪ I could stay and just watch them all day(^O^)

Tomorrow, we’ll go out to Nagura and Osaki are again♪♪

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