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The wind changed to strong north overnight and it’s a bit chilly on Ishigaki island☆

We tried to choose spots that were a bit sheltered for todays dives\(^o^)/ However, there was quite a bit of swell on the first dive in Osaki(;・∀・)

Luckily, neither the Green turtles or the school of Spotted garden eels seemed to mind the weather change☆☆ Too bad my camera got a card error on the first dive(/ω\) However, we saw many marine animals on the second dive too♪♪

In Nagura area,  we saw a lot of corals(≧▽≦) It was so peaceful underwater☆

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Bubble coral shrimp this big☆

We also found Nemo’s friend, a Pacific blue tang fish!!

Close to the main reef a school of Longfin batfish had gathered(;^ω^) I hope they will stick around♪♪

Under the bommie three White-tip reef sharks were hiding♪♪

The wind will continue to be strong tomorrow, I hope it will calm down soon!!

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