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Big clouds in the sky but no rain today in Ishigaki island!

Our diver from yesterday came back for 2 more dives today♪ We went to Osaki area☆
There was a bit of swell at the shallower parts of the reef but the visibility was great and we saw many different things(≧▽≦) At this site, the corals are especially beautiful☆

A turtle came to greet us☆ We saw two Green turtles in total, one big and one small\(^o^)/

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish, it swam very quickly(;´・ω・) and there was only one of them! I hope it will find some friends soon☆

A Pipehorse had nestled itself in between strands of seaweed☆ I saw a Pipehorse at the same spot quite long ago, I wonder if it’s the same one? It was very large(;^ω^)

The Corocodilefish are so picture pleasing♪♪ Both big and unique looking, they are sure to make an impact(*^▽^*)

We only saw a few Batfihes today(;´・ω・) There weren’t that many of them last year either, I wonder what happened…

Something is coming out of the mouth of this Nudibranch!(;・∀lu) What could it be?

A Blue spotted stingray♪

An Anemoneshrimp☆

We can see so many different things diving in the winter! Time passes way too quikly(;^ω^) There is still so much to explore☆

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