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A gentle breeze was blowing over Ishigaki island today. We couldn’t go out to Manta point but got to see a lot of other animals in Osaki area☆☆

Like this Green turtle☆ It slept firmly squeezed between the rocks(*^▽^*)

On the deeper side, there were lots of gobies♪♪
This is a pair of White-ray shrimp gobies☆

A Black-ray shrimp goby♪

Sometimes we also see mismatched couples like this(;・∀・)

Today’s cuttlefish! We had the luck to see it yesterday too around the same place☆

In the shallow area Robust ghostpipefish(^O^) This is a quite big individual, I wonder if it will find a mate soon(;^ω^)

We also saw different kinds on Nudibranches♪♪

And a well camouflaged stonefish((+_+))

Tomorrow we’ll depart from Sakieda beach for more dives♪♪

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