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Today’s weather in Ishigaki island was sunny with a slight breeze☆

We went for fun dives in osaki and Nagura area♪♪
It’s been a long time since I went to the turtle point on this side of the cape, there were so many turtles(≧▽≦)
Both small and big, we saw 3 of them relaxing on the reef♪

The corals here are really wonderful(*’ω’*) Even the ones that turned white from last years high temperatures are making a slow recovery!!

There are many different kinds, it makes me happy just to swim around them☆

Today we saw many small file fishes♪ I hope there will be lots of them this winter (*’ω’*)

We also found Brown banded pipefishes around the stones that are scattered throughout the reef♪ Sometimes they come in pairs, sometimes in a big lively group☆

Tomorrow we’re off for more dives♪♪ I wonder what kind of fishes and other marine animals we’ll meet!

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