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Today was a bit cloudy in Ishigaki but at least the rain stayed away until the afternoon!

A north wind is blowing so we departed from Sakieda and went diving in Osaki and Nagura area(≧▽≦) Some swell was still lingering from yesterday’s south wind so visibility was a bit less than usual(;・∀・)

But we could still find many different kinds of animals underwater, feeling grateful☆☆
First out is a Green turtle♪♪ It gave us the evil eye after we disturbed its nap but didn’t make any sign of moving(;^ω^)

On the sandy bottom I could find the Pipehorses again, not far from where they sat last time♪ I can just keep watching them☆ They are so tiny(^O^)
A Flounder had also buried itself into the sand.

A jet black Nudibranch, it kind of reminds me of the black soots in Spirited Away ^_^

A big sea snake was also sitting on the sand☆ It has a scary stare(゚Д゚;)

We also saw many Garden eels, just a little bit away from them this Ribbon eel poked its head up♪

Even on the sandy bottom we can find so many different critters☆ On top of the reefs, the Blue-green damsel fishes dashed in and out of the corals(≧▽≦)

A tiny crab expertly camouflaged with the same color as the sea fan♪♪

Tomorrow it will be north wind again, but I’m looking forward to another day in Sakieda ☆

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