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The temperature has suddenly dropped in Ishigaki(;´・ω・) We had such warm weather up until today, but I guess we’re back to normal winter for a bit (;^ω^)
We went diving in Osaki area and Nagura bay today♪ In Osaki, there was a bit swell but we could still go and see the Green turtles☆

A Pipehorse tried to stay put on the sandy bottom but without anything to hold onto it seemed difficult (;・∀・) I wonder if it get swept away from somewhere.

With this swell, Nagura area is much calmer and the Giant cuttle fishes are still mating(≧▽≦) There was no swell and they were very busy laying eggs☆

The visibility was down a bit, but the corals were still beautiful as ever♪

We often see the Banded seasnakes♪

The shrimps were also looking well☆ I thought this big Bubble coral shrimp had disappeared but he was there today(;・∀・)

An Anemone partner shrimp in their anemone.

The swell should go down a bit until tomorrow♪♪ Looking forward to more dives☆

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