We had rain that came and went all the time in Ishigaki island today!
North winds are blowing and we departarted from Sakieda beach for diving in Nagura bay☆

The batfishes have gathered in their usual spot(≧▽≦) it’s still a bit less of them…

But there are also many small ones doing their best to swim, adorable(^ω^)

Under a rock, I found a pair of pipefish. There are lots of them around this year☆ I took a picture but the tail go cut out(/ω\)

Close-up picture of a sea snake☆ Many people don’t like them(;^ω^)

The water temperature went up this year too, but there are still many places with healthy corals☆

More dives in Nagura bay tomorrow! The weather will start to get colder from now..

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