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Today we were off with three divers on the boat(≧▽≦)

A southwest wind was blowing so there was some swell in Oskai area, but we saw many small marine animals and lots of healthy corals☆☆
This season we have seen many Robust ghost pipefish♪ They are very small, but today we saw a pair of them\(^o^)/

We are also seeing more and more nudibranch. I wonder what different kinds we can spot this winter( *´艸`)

Two shrimps were hiding in a bubble coral♬♬ The top one is a Bubble coral shrimp, and the bottom one is a Squat shrimp.

A close up of an Anemonefish… looking pretty terrifying ( ゚Д゚)

Thank you for today’s dives and another good day at sea\(^o^)/

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