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The wind has died down in Ishigaki island and maybe we can move the boat back to Kabira soon♪♪

However, today the swell was still too high so we went diving in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) In Osaki, we met the Green turtles☆ There was a lot of other divers there today, but this place had found a quiet corner in the deeper part of the reef(^O^)

This Stonefish was hiding under a rock♪♪

A moray stuck its head out from another rock☆ In Osaki, the White-mouth moray is the one we see most often♪♪

We also saw a Robust ghost pipefish☆☆

The corals in Nagura! There are not many places in the world where you can see them spread out like this

There’s also chance to see the shy Mandarin fishes in Nagura(`・ω・´) In daytime, they hide in the cracks between the corals and will hide away quickly if discovered(;・∀・)

Next week, it looks like we can move the boat back to Kabira\(^o^)/ Looking forward to it♪

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