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28°C in Ishigaki island today! Who would have thought that it could be this warm in December☆☆

The wind was gentle and the temperature was just right as we departed from Sakieda beach♪♪

On the way to Osaki, we saw a manta swimming just by the surface(≧▽≦) I was hoping we could see it diving too, but we didn’t find it again(;^ω^) Can’t always be lucky!
However, the visibility was excellent and we saw many other things♪

Like this cuttlefish☆ We also saw another one in the middle of laying eggs\(^o^)/

A very big female cuttlefish!

A pair of Robust ghostpipefishes were also laying eggs♪
This individual was very big and easy to find (;・∀・)

A Banded seasnake swam right up to the camera lens and flickered its tounge(^O^) Maybe it saw its own reflection(;^ω^)

This Bubble coral shrimp was also looking well♪ The other smaller ones had disappeared, or maybe they were just hiding(;´・ω・)

Many Anemone partner shrimps has moved into this big anemone☆ The look super cute when they walk♪

We saw lots of different animals today! And also many magnificent corals♪
Feeling grateful\(^o^)/

Tomorrow, we’ll join another boat and head out from Kabira bay! It would be rare, but maybe we could even see the manta rays?! Looking forward to dive(^O^)

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